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Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, and Toy Story. These are just some of the most adored cartoon films that have shaped the childhoods of children across the globe. Their similarity: they are all animated films.

The animation market, which includes everything from animated films to VR technology, has surpassed all initial expectations. Starting as a side hobby for early artists, animation has grown tremendously in the last decades generating a projected revenue of $270 billion in 2020. But how did a series of drawings lead to this multi-billion dollar industry? The answer lies in its science.

The Optical Illusion that Gave Rise to Animation

In theory, animation is “the…

Take a minute and consider what comes to mind when you think of the aging field.

For some, it might simply be aging creams and supplements. For others, the image of elderly homes comes to mind. Yet the grand majority tends to think of a mad scientist slouched over a dark science lab desperately using pseudoscience to discover the cure to living forever!

Let me be the first to tell you that none of these accurately capture the innovative and progressive aging field that exists today! Let’s set some things straight.

Fiction vs. Reality

Though the aging field might seem like a really…

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In an isolated world where our communication is confined to 6.1" iPhone Instagram feeds, 2.5" Zoom boxes, and thanks to 2020, the four walls of our rooms, our society has grown more solitary than ever. 1 in 4 people feel as if they have no one intimate to talk to, compared to 1 in 10 in 2000. Since 1999 suicide rate has increased by 33% with specifically teen suicide up 70%.

As 2020 is slowly coming to a close, we can finally admit that we have all had our fair share of sorrowful I-just-want-to-curl-into-a-ball days. …

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With the current advancements in physics, time travel remains impossible. But don’t fear: our brain has come up with an adequate solution!

Have you ever taken a bite of a dish, or smelled a whiff of air that felt familiar but you couldn’t figure out where it was from?

Yet just seconds later the smell, say, for example, the mixture of aged furniture and flowers, has transported you back to a memory in your early childhood home.

If the answer is yes, that means that one, you have given chewing gum brands a new relatable ad idea, and two, that…

Language is the hidden currency of thought. It gives structure to the shapeless, tears down barriers and make new ones, triggers movements beyond all conception, and conjures feelings from thin air. Most importantly, language makes each and every one of us who we are.

Yet, we’ve all had that moment where we pick up a great literary classic, take perhaps Shakespeare sometime in middle school, and all this goes out the window because we can’t understand a single sentence (don’t worry, I’ve been there too). …

As a debater, I often try to convince others that there is more to a topic than they believe…. AKA that they’re wrong. Yet the older I get, the more I notice that regardless of what I say or the proof that I give, I get 1 of 3 standard responses: The Stingy Eyeroll, The Twisting of Facts, or finally, The Personal Attack. Ouch!

“Facts are stubborn things, but our minds are even more stubborn”- John Adams

In an ideal (and completely unrealistic) world, our opinions would be solely based on unbiased evidence. …

Since the early 1700s, cancer has been a major topic of debate, discussion, and innovation. From the development of anesthesia to the accidental discovery of applying radiation on cancer, our understanding, and treatment of cancer have revolutionized the impact of this disease.

This tremendous advancement has enabled nearly 17 million people in the US to fully recovered from cancer just in 2019 alone.

So… the question remains: how did we get here?

Let’s cover the basics

As a result of mutations, certain cells do not abide by the physical and chemical factors which control their division and survival. Instead, they continue to divide rapidly…

In today’s Silicon Valley world-changing-esque age sleep is seen as two things depending on the day: unnecessary or … utterly essential.


Well, let me give you an example.

Have you ever relaxed on your couch after a long Monday of work or school, finally glad to get some time off? Finally a small break. You’ve noticed that it's still early-ish to go to bed so you have decided to start watching an episode of a show you just started and maybe(if you’re feeling especially tired) make yourself a bag of popcorn.

Just one episode, and I’ll go to bed…

Whether it's a family member, a friend, just a stranger, chances are that you know someone who has developed cancer during their lifetime. Unfortunately, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, with 1 in every 2 women and 1 in every 3 men developing a form of this disease. 1.8 million diagnosed cases and 600,000 cancer-related deaths are projected in 2020, continuing a decline in both diagnosis and mortality rates.

Though cancer affects millions of families throughout the globe, there is still a lot of misconceptions and unknowns that linger about the disease. …

From discovering new music to learning about foreign affairs, to hearing the local sports updates: the internet is an aspect of the technological world that has been integrated into the lives of billions of people all over the world. It allows us to communicate and connect with people across the room, or across the globe, shaping the perception and structure of our everyday life.

Despite the internet being a public tool for everyone to access, private messages are relayed frequently, so how does this work?

Encryption, the process of converting information or data into a code, is used when sending…

Andri Kadaf

Hi there! I am Andri, a super curious and passionate young researcher who loves biomedical and computer sciences. I love to read, write, and debate!

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